CarrierNet provides a platform that enables collaboration by partners across the supply chain to benefit of all in the supply chain. The key elements of this include:

  • Ensuring the most cost effective logistics modes are used across the supply chain;
  • Partnership working to deliver the most cost effective solution and uses the best sub-contractors;
  • Providing full visibility with exception alerts for advanced customer service from manufacturer through to end-user
  • Delivering real-time management of all supply chain stages from factory gate to RDC and stores, including sub-contractors
  • Managing orders down to individual SKU’s across all stages;
  • Collaborating and integrating with partner systems to deliver a seamless solution for customers;


Activity In CarrierNet Via traditional systems
Sharing information for collaboration
Live exception alerts
Visibility of orders throughout
Real-time management of subcontractors
Real-time control
Live response
Sub-contractor load collaboration

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