Software as a Service (SaaS) is an established way that customers can utilise services globally across the internet. The benefits of this approach for customers include:

  • Lower cost of entry - no capital is required to purchase IT hardware or software;
  • Reduced time to benefit - implementation and training are simpler;
  • Pay as you go - pricing reflects the variable nature of business;
  • Scalable - growth is only limited by the staff available to use the service;
  • Work anywhere - there is no limit to global rollout with today‚Äôs access to the Internet;
  • Easy upgrades - periodic or annual upgrades become a thing of the past

To ensure that CarrierNet delivers tailored customer service we have developed a modularised approach whereby customers decide on the functionality they require and thereby maintain complete control of the solution they want to implement.


Activity In CarrierNet Via traditional systems
Predictable and simple pricing
No maintenance costs
Free upgrades
No capital expenditure
No capital expenditure
Rapid deployment and scalability
No long term contracts

Easy to Use   -   Continually Evolving   -   Never a Legacy System   -   Internet Driven