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Tower Collaboration

Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers supply chain teams and true 4pls and LLPs are constantly looking for ‘smarter logistics solutions’ that can provide all their partners in the collection and delivery process with ‘real-time’ information to meet the fast-changing demands of local and global customers. Taking advantage of the latest internet ‘cloud’ technology, CarrierNet’s Collaborative Control Tower provides an independent platform range of management information ‘in real time’ in the form of easy to understand dashboards and alerts.

These cover the key transport management issues of: revenues and costs, order progress, real time service and location alerts and driver communications. At the end of the delivery process, customer service levels can be measured with an electronic POD sign off which can be transmitted immediately to the supplier and the logistics service provider.

Revenue and Costs Dashboards
These dashboards give complete visibility and an overview of revenue and costs per vehicle, order, time period, customer account and delivery area. Carrier Net can tailor each one to meet each customer’s requirements to provide different information to specific groups within the business. They also identify the ‘logistics business drivers’ by analysing all the transport management data across a large number of parameters selected by the customer.

Order Progress Dashboards
These dashboards help CarrierNet customers track the progress of orders in real time from the point of origination through to the arrival in the system, then through the planning stages, and finally the delivery process right up to the receipt of POD’s. The Collaborative Control Tower can also analyse origination of order by department, size and configuration, providing valuable information to the management and sales teams as to the consignments that cause problems in the planning and delivery processes.

Real Time Service and Location Alerts
The Collaborative Control Tower enables CarrierNet customers to have real-time visibility of events in their supply chains using some highly sophisticated digital maps. Additionally, you can set the rules to alert colleagues through an email or SMS if anything outside the parameters you have set occur in areas such as: collections, deliveries, delays, shortages or damage. Having knowledge of a problem in advance of the customer, helps improve overall customer service and ultimately customer relations.

Driver Communications
Modern telematics provide CarrierNet customers not only with the possibility of knowing exactly where a vehicle is but also to monitor the impact of delays on the next and subsequent deliveries. An alert is immediately sent to key managers to enable them to ‘talk to their customers’ about specific problem deliveries. This proactive approach helps improve customer service levels and customer relations with the specific customer experiencing a problem with a delivery or collection.

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