CarrierNet delivers a tool for effective logistics management on a single platform that provides full visibility for managing customer service in real-time. The key benefits from this include:

  • Delivering a cost effective solution that scales to match logistics usage globally;
  • Ensuring accessibility anytime, anywhere 24x7 across all logistics operations;
  • Equipping management with real-time information for customers and logistics providers alike;
  • Adding pro-active customer service to manage and reduce issues in the supply chain
  • Providing a solution that works for companies of all sizes and complexity


Activity In CarrierNet Via traditional systems
Multi-site operations Difficult
Real-time event management
24x7 Accessibility
Networking and communications
Proactive customer RM Reactive only
Suitability for all sizes of companies
Sub-contractor load collaboration

Easy to Use   -   Continually Evolving   -   Never a Legacy System   -   Internet Driven