CarrierNet delivers real benefits for organisations, as our SaaS solutions allow customers to:

  • Reduce their IT requirements and costs in this particular area;
  • Simplify the training of staff to deploy CarrierNet across relevant stakeholders;
  • Utilise CarrierNet’s best in class components (e.g. Web tools, security, mapping, etc);
  • Access immediate support and updates;
  • Deploy rapidly with minimal training due to CarrierNet’s ease of use;
  • Ensure all data is held with highest levels of security
  • Have access to CarrierNet anytime, anywhere, 24x7 with full backup and redundancy built in as standard
  • Easily retrieve records for up to 7 years
  • Have unlimited scalability


Activity In CarrierNet Via traditional systems
Free updates
No additional hardware
No additional support costs
No implications for IT infrastructure
Quick implementation
Easy deployment to sites, customers
Full data backup

Easy to Use   -   Continually Evolving   -   Never a Legacy System   -   Internet Driven