Customer Service

Customer service is all about taking care of the customer’s needs by delivering a professional, helpful, high quality service, before, during and most importantly after the a purchase of a product or service.

This simple, easy to understand definition of customer service is complicated in the logistics sector as many operations are outsourced and logistics service providers are often delivering to their customers’ customer. This means that logistics services providers, hauliers and freight forwarders have to take extra special care to understand who their customers are and most importantly what are their needs?

The crucial difference in logistics and supply chain management is that most problems happen ‘outside the office’. Keeping control of events in the supply chain is a key task and it is no use receiving a report of a non-delivery one week after the event. With a wide choice of providers customers are not very forgiving unless a company is seen to be pro-active and managing their expectations when things go wrong as they inevitably will even with a 99.5% accuracy rate.

CarrierNet has created the Online Business Intelligence for Logistics Portal integrated within the software solution to provide its customer with a powerful tool to manage this key issue of customer care. It is available 24/7 and accessed through a specific individual member log in whether they are a logistics service provider, manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler. There they can access:

  • Powerful Exception alerts can be sent to key managers to advise them using the track and trace facility of the time date and location of a pending problem. This allows them to take a pro-active stance with their customer and the customers’ customer
  • Ease of Interface with existing WMS, ERP, TMS and other systems which enable more seamless decision-making and helps to improve business performance
  • Sophisticated digital maps can identify exact location of a problem quickly enabling alternative solution to be found quickly and cost effectively
  • Graphical dashboards can highlight KPIs and other key metrics specific to specific customer needs presented openly.
  • Reports and Analysis of service failures can be produced on a daily, weekly, monthly basis internally to identify issues that could be out of the customer’s direct control. This shows up repeat offenders!

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