Omni Channel

The management of outsourced and in-house fleets is a complex and expensive business. The choice rarely comes down to one factor such as price or performance. This complexity has dramatically increased with customer buying patterns changing rapidly. Customers now have a wider choice of not only the ranges of similar products but also how they buy them.

This ‘omni-channel’ world we now buy through: retail stores, online stores, mobile stores, telephone sales and apps, coupled with the offer of home delivery or other pick up points at railways stations for example, has added another layer of complexity and potential risk if it goes wrong, to the delivery and returns of goods.

CarrierNet’s Carrier Manager’s easy-to-use, flexible and scalable solution can automate start-up online retailers, to large national chains of high street stores’ transport management process by choosing the best company to fulfil a specific order. They have the choice of in-house or sub-contracted options, which meet specific criteria chosen by the CarrierNet customer. The system automatically protects its customer by vetting sub-contractors to pre-determined criteria. These can be price, performance, service levels, delivery windows or type of product that needs special treatment.

Carrier Manager then contacts the chosen logistics service provider which has the option of accepting or declining the load within a specified time frame set by the customer. If rejected the process is repeated. Once the order has been accepted, Slot Manager controls the collection and delivery window process. Through the real time visibility management capability of the system, linked to the operator’s telematics further enhances significantly the monitoring of the process.. Following electronic POD capture, the Billing Manager module manages this process through to financial reconciliation and self-billing. Having confidence in a robust tried and tested, cost effective solution such as CarrierNet is fundamental to success in this new ‘omni-channel’ world where a failed delivery can wreak havoc on brand reputation.

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