Delivers Real Time Visibility and Management

Supply chain managers in every business are looking for total control and visibility of each of the individual events that make up a successful collection and delivery. Most importantly they also want proof that the goods have arrived on time, not damaged and to the client’s satisfaction.

CarrierNet has been designed and configured to provide the power and control, coupled with ease of use to give end-to-end supply chain visibility. The power and accessibility of the Internet has made CarrierNet the most advanced, flexible, scalable, transport management solution available across all sectors of industry and retail. It is available on mobile devices to anyone, anywhere and at anytime to check the whereabouts of any consignment.

POWER – CarrierNet provides all the rich functionally and features expected of a transport management system (TMS) that is a supporting a complex supply chain management operation. It is regularly updated with new functionality to match the changing requirement of customers. This gives them even more power and control over their operation. These benefits can only be achieved by a 24/7 web-based service such as CarrierNet.

CONTROL – Driven by the Internet, Carrier Net allows real time visibility, collaboration with supply chain partners, and accurate event management across the whole supply chain. With a number of specific alerts to give the operator advance warning of potential delivery or collection problems. CarrierNet is also very easy to integrate with current disparate legacy systems in any business. The customer is then in complete control of the supply chain in one system supported by Carrier Net’s UK –based experienced software maintenance and development. Their 20 years’ experience gives customers a futureproof and readily scalable platform with availability 24/7. A totally secure data warehouse, regularly backed up plus all the benefits of a hosted system, gives customers complete confidence.

EASE OF USE – Users access CarrierNet with rights defined by its customers using browser technology common in most everyday business or personal computer applications. Screens have a simple layout and clear drop down menus for every task. A series of dashboards provide a complete tailor-made, visible real-time activities configurable to the customer’s specific operation. The customer can also decide to use specific log-ins for the different management levels in the business, relevant to their activities.

VISIBILITY – Carrier Net has a simple track and trace module that links to all types of hand-held and telematics solutions, enabling real-time monitoring and management of the collection and delivery process. This gives supply chain managers total confidence that what they are seeing on the screen is happening out on the road. This allows them to take pro-active action in advance of potential service failures. Built-in alerts link together other parts of the business to give real time information that ensure that customer service is kept to the highest levels, even when things go wrong. Which they do!

Easy to Use   -   Continually Evolving   -   Never a Legacy System   -   Internet Driven